Our Vision

Where we want to be...

At Prix, we strongly believe in the education of people to promote a nationwide culture of industry best practices.  To this end, development and education of people, both company personnel and farmers, holds immense importance for the company. At the heart of the organization are well-trained professionals and progressive minds, painstakingly cultivated over the years. We believe that only a close-knit team of thinking people can enable an organization to tackle industry problems of the future.

Prix harbors strong ambitions of becoming a leading animal healthcare provider at the global level. The company is already maintaining a wide range of veterinary products: Antibiotics; Anthelmintics; Anti-Coccidials and Anti-Protozoals; Anti-Inflammatories; Analgesics and Cortico Steroids; Metabolics, Vitamins and Minerals including Nutraceuticals; and Breeding Synchronization products. It is striving and actively seeking (efforts are under way) to both broaden and deepen its range of products and services, to one day be in a position to offer comprehensive coverage for all animal-related problems and diseases. We endeavor to build ourselves into a modern, innovative, end-to-end veterinary solution and healthcare provider.

Good health is the ultimate goal of life, shared by everyone. We at Prix believe that healthy animals are a vital source of human health and prosperity. We hope that your experiences as our customers reflect our core values of trust and customer-focus.