Core beliefs

Our culture is the defining feature of our identity and a key factor in our success. Central to this culture are our core values/beliefs, which we at Prix live through every day.


People make the Difference

We believe it is the people, more than anything else, who truly make a difference in our endeavours and distinguish Prix from our competition. Hence they are our most valued asset.

We strongly believe that to succeed and achieve our common goals we must collaborate and work together to meet the needs of our customers. The contribution from each person to the best of his/her ability, towards common objectives, is the key to our sustained success.


Integrity & Respect for All

We expect and demand from everyone and ourselves the highest level of ethical standards. We are open, honest and direct in our dealings. We want be seen as a committed and responsible people, who always

We work together to create a culture of trust, respect and dignity for all.
Our colleagues hail from different geographical areas, socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures and specializations, and often speak different languages. We make sure that this diversity is appreciated and celebrated, and that it translates into a source of our strength.

Customer Focus

We put our customers first, in everything we do. We have untiring commitment to providing best quality products and services to our customers. We are strongly committed to customer satisfaction at all levels and are passionate about their interests.

“We value the trust of our customers” and consider them to be a part of the Prix family.

Commitment to Excellence

We believe that any two successive days of existence spent in the same condition, is a waste of our abilities and time. We promote continuous learning by encouraging experimentation and a celebration of mistakes as learning opportunities. Proactive-ness is cherished and rewarded, while stagnancy and complacency are detested.

We studiously preach that each day in our lives should be an improvement on the last and must evolve us for the better.

It is Yours

We want all stakeholders – colleagues and customers alike – to work and contribute as if they own Prix.